I am not much of a blogger, but as items of interest come my way, I will post them.

I had posted the following story on my personal Facebook page and everyone was moved by it. Kind of surprised me. But they all said I should put it on the website so here it is…

Just had an odd moment for a pest control guy… Found a white footed mouse in the bottom of a small bucket, outside in the rain. Unable to climb out or get any purchase on the featureless surface of the inside of the pail, the tiny creature must have tried standing on his hind legs, and then even on all fours, for as long as his legs would hold him, as the cold fall rain slowly, but undeniably, edged him closer to death. Now he sat, shivering, stoically resigned to his plastic tomb, the water up to his neck and rising. Though I kill things for a living, I am not without compassion. First, I poured him out on the ground. He remained in his sitting position. This was completely out of character for a mouse. He should have run away. Hypothermia. I picked him up like a cat picks up a kitten, by the scruff of his neck. Put him in a Dunkin Donuts cup and took him home in the truck. I took him inside the house and placed him in a tiny cage designed for catching chipmunks. I got the hair dryer and gently warmed him. Then I sat his cage here on the counter, beside my computer where the warm air of the laptop’s fan would dry him. My arm rested beside the cage. After 20 minutes he began to stir. He opened his eyes. Can a mouse communicate his gratitude? I do not know. But he came over toward the side of the cage closest to me. I felt his whiskers as he sniffed my arm. Then he lay down curled in a ball against my arm and fell asleep. In in his sleep he passed away. I am not sure how I will do my next mouse job now.

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