Coventry Pest Control was established in 1989. August 8th., actually. So on the eighth of August 2022, we will celebrate 30 years in business. Thirty Years. Whew! It honestly seems like yesterday that we opened the doors with a few hundred (borrowed) dollars worth of used equipment and an old Ford van that provided us a pleasant surprise every time the engine started. Half a dozen trucks later, we’re still here and we’ve managed to become the most easily recognized name in pest control in our service area. And that area has expanded throughout Kent County to all the towns surrounding it as well as a few more beyond that. Yet, we have been successful in remaining a “mom & pop” operation. That’s the way we like it.

We may have been able to resist the urge to grow uncontrollably, but the passage of time defies us all. In just a few months we’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary. That makes this “our 30th year”. So we’re celebrating. Join us!

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