Mice & Rats

So, you went to get the cereal out of the cupboard and there was a hole in the bottom of the box.

Cheerios all over the floor!

is it legal to buy viagra in dubai How did this happen?  Who is to blame? 

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photo of a mouseFive will get you ten that the culprit is the cute little fella in the photo on this page.  Mice are in nearly every house in Rhode Island.  Bold statement I know, but if I were to inspect your attic or basement, or dig around in your cabinets, I could almost surely find mouse droppings.   Now don’t panic.  For the most part, they just move in and live in hidden areas and never even realize there is food in the house to be had.  They will often live on foods found outdoors and just come in the building for shelter, completely avoiding you and you never even know they are there.  But once in a while, they get to be a little too bold for our comfort level, and that’s where I come in.  With baits and traps, I can solve your mouse problem in short order.

D.I.Y.???  Why not do it yourself?  Don’t be fooled!

With recent changes in regulations, you can’t buy GOOD rodenticides over the counter anymore.   The stuff in those consumer boxes is NOT the same as what the pros use, even though the chemical names are similar.  And then mice breed so fast !   (Mice are sexually mature in a little over two weeks.  Then they will mate and give birth to about 6 pups about every 6 weeks. ) With those kinds of stats, it is easy to see why it is nearly impossible to eliminate a serious mouse problem without professional help.  The better choice?  Contact Coventry Pest Control!

Note: Want to know more about the rodenticides, traps, and stations we use?   Due to their very obvious commitment to our industry, their excellent product line and their dedicated support staff, Coventry Pest Control uses exclusively the products of Bell Labs for rodent control.  Even their brochure is a great read!  http://www.belllabs.com

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