Squirrels, Raccoons, and Other Wildlife

CPC provides limited wildlife services…

Mainly squirrels and raccoons and the occasional woodchuck or opossum.  I don’t get involved in skunks anymore.  If there is an “illegal alien” in your house or on your property, I’m your guy.  I have been involved in all the normal stuff, squirrels and raccoons.  I have been called out on reports of fox, coyote, fisher (They are NOT “Fisher-Cats”) and even one black bear.  (I turned that job down.)

One thing I should mention here is that we are NOT in the business of dealing with your neighbor’s barking dog or garden soiling cat.  Those are calls for the local Animal Control Officer in your town, generally reached through the Police Department.

However, if “Rocky” over there next to me in the photo, is living in your attic or if “Chuck” in the other picture is chewing up all the veggies in your garden, contact Coventry Pest Control!

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