Wasps & Hornets

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Scream that and everyone at the barbecue starts swatting and running.

Most of the time the flying and stinging types of insects we encounter in the summer are NOT bees, but wasps and hornets. Bees are beneficial insects, are generally very docile, and we DO NOT kill them if we can avoid it.  Hornets and wasps, on the other hand, are very much on the menu at Coventry Pest Control.  This will include Yellow Jackets, Bald Faced or White Faced Hornets, and all varieties of mud and paper wasps.  Their homes can be in anything from a hole in a tree, to under your vinyl siding, beneath a deck, dug into the ground or in any of the traditional shapes of paper balls and combs we often see hanging in bushes or from the soffits of our homes.
photo of a bee on a purple flower

This is a beneficial Bee!

Photo of Yellow Jacket Wasps on a green bottle

These are annoying Yellow Jacket Wasps!

Be very careful around any nests you see and if you notice just one wasp hanging around you,  look around carefully to determine where she may be nesting.  She is probably trying to get your attention and encourage you to move away from her nest! Once you’re safe, be sure to call Coventry Pest Control at 401-821-9440 or send us a message.

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