Home Inspections

Coventry Pest Control provides home inspections for both Real Estate transactions and simple peace of mind.  With 30 years of experience, we know the difference between evidence of termites, carpenter ants, or just plain rotten wood so you don’t have a failed inspection because of incorrect diagnosis.  ALL inspections are given on the industry standard NPMA-33 form.  This is also called the FHA / VA form.  Paperwork is suitable for ANY type of loan!  AND… If the house passes WE PROVIDE THE FORM IMMEDIATELY!**  No waiting for snail mail or even email.

Choose CPC for what you DON’T get…

  • No delays!  Professionally printed form delivered IMMEDIATELY in your hands at the time of inspection.   PASSING HOMES ONLY!    All others within 24 hrs.

  • No Bad Calls.  30 years experience!

  • No Bad Forms.  NPMA-33 (VA/FHA) form for EVERY inspection!

**NOTE: In order to release paperwork immediately Coventry Pest Control requires payment in CASH at the time of the inspection. No checks or credit cards are accepted for instant delivery of real estate inspections.

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