Residential & Commercial Service Plans

For our residential neighbors, we offer the Trimester Management Plan.

An original that gets better every year!

The TMP is our premier product.  We invented it back in 1989.  Numerous competitors have copied it, but none does it better!   Click the link below to download the application.  You can even fill it out online!  As soon as it is approved, we’ll get you started with the BEST, most logical and economical home pest control plan ever!

Logical, Economical & Convenient TMP was designed to be logical from a pest control standpoint, addressing your home’s needs when the bugs are most active, and therefore most vulnerable — in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

In Spring everything breeds, especially insects.

In Summer their colonies are rapidly expanding.

In Fall they are moving inside for the winter.

The Trimester Management Plan gives you protection three times a year, at these critical periods, when you actually NEED service, not in the middle of winter like most companies’ “Quarterly” plans. Your money is well spent!  Outdoor service is convenient!   The bugs come from outside, after all.

With our plan, there is no need for you to be home.

No appointments, no phone calls, no keys and no asking your mom to come let the bug man in.

We can even monitor for termites (see the Termite Monitoring Program info).

Invoices come by mail with a return payment envelope.

For Commercial Inquiries:

Coventry Pest Control accepts applications for service from qualified commercial properties of all types.

Our experience encompasses a broad range, from one person shops to enterprises employing 3000 people.

Some types of clients we serve are:

  • Banking
  • Remote Property Management
  • Airports
  • Municipalities
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • Health Care
  • Training of client’s on-site employees
  • Training of technicians for other pest control companies
  • Consultation for problem pest control situations
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