Trimester Current Product Usage

This page is specifically intended to provide compliance with DEM and Federal regulations which require that pesticide applicators provide the client with accurate information as to the name, quantity, and method of application of any product used as well as the active ingredient, concentration and identifying EPA code.  This page address is given to the client upon, and often prior to, each application.

The Spring 2016 TMP product profile is as follows:

Homes on our Trimester Management Plan are being treated with Bifen IT insecticide which is being applied in a band around the home using either a backpack sprayer.  Bifen IT is a premium quality insecticide with repellant qualities.  Bifen IT lasts a long time and is weather resistant.   Target pests are ants and wasps (though the product will kill many other species). Application quantities are 0.5 gal. in a narrow band around the foundation and in places where insects live and breed such as cracks and crevices and behind shutters, inside light fixtures and around mailboxes, etc. 

The manufacturer information for Bifen IT is as follows: EPA Reg. No. 53883-118  Bifenthrin 0.06% (1oz/1g)     EP 0.5Gal.

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