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Photo of Tom Brennan in his office.

Tom Brennan
Owner Coventry Pest Control

When you call Coventry Pest Control you’ll get ME, Tom Brennan. I have over 30 years experience, and I only work in Central Rhode Island, so when you give me your address, it is not a mystery to me where you live and I know the pest issues going on in your immediate area. Since 1984 I have been certified by the State of Rhode Island as a Pest Control Professional. That makes me one of Rhode Island’s most experienced pest controllers.

Please check out the particular pest you are having trouble with to learn a little about that pest. Then, give me a call or a text at (401) 821-9440 or shoot me an email at covpest@hotmail.com

I’ll be over in just a little while! Thanks!

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Full range of pest control services including:

Residential & Commercial Service Plans

Check out our Trimester Management Plan, it addresses your home’s needs when the bugs are most active, and therefore most vulnerable — in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Inspecting your Home

We know bugs, we know beasts and we know all their telltale signs and habits.   If there is something rumbling around and you are afraid to look to find out what it is… give us a call.  Poking into places other people don’t want to go is just kinda what we do!

Limited wildlife services…

Mainly squirrels and raccoons and the occasional woodchuck or opossum.  I don’t get involved in skunks anymore.  If there is an “illegal alien” in your house or on your property, I’m your guy.

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